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The Harmonization of Mix & Match


Delicious Dishes

Fans of authentic Chinese and Japanese food may have found salvation at last in Bartlett, thanks to TL’s Four Seasons, a veritable tour-de-force of dining experiences that includes regional dishes and a first-rate sushi bar manned by artisan chefs.

Cooking is overseen by master chef Bo Xu, a nationally renowned craftsman who has cooked meals at the finest hotel in the Szechwan province for the President and governors of China, competed in national cooking tournaments, and authored a book. Given that pedigree, how can you go wrong?

Owner Shawn Li has worked with Bo to constantly update dishes as well as continue to reproduce local favorites. For appetizers, try the crab Rangoon and crispy shrimp, along with some tempura shrimp and vegetables. From the sushi bar, even the uninitiated will enjoy the “hand grenade,” which features prawn and baby shrimp wrapped in seaweed and covered with spicy garlic mayonnaise and some fiery seasoning. The sakura roll, which comes with shrimp, crab, cream cheese and cucumber layered with avocado and warm mayonnaise sauce is also outstanding.

I’ve visited TL’s no less thean four times this past year and enjoyed dishes like Szechwan scallop dish with silver-dollar sized medallions three quarter inch thick, as well as Xu’s signature dish, black pepper garlic beef tenderloin, which won awards back in his country.