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The Harmonization of Mix & Match

DSCF0055 1TL’s Four Seasons Chinese & Japanese Restaurant is where you’ll find delicious Japanese & Chinese cuisine and a full assortment of sushi at great prices, all combined in a soothing and charming environment.

This symbol also represents our philosophy here at TL’s Four Seasons. We classify the food by their own flavor, because the concept of harmonization for the meal doesn’t stop with the individual dishes, but is carried through the whole dining experience.

From individual meals, to the sequence of serving them, the experience must be harmonious.

To the Chinese and Japanese people, the concept of “Yin” and “Yang” takes very prominent place in their cultures. In the “art of cooking,” the food rarely can find just one seasoning, because it goes against the “Yin and Yang” philosophy. So, in the process of preparing our meals and delivering a pleasing dining experience, we strive to achieve the most perfect balance, or as we like to say, “Harmonization of Mix & Match.”

This philosophy weaves through our people as well, as it shows up in every simple dish we serve with a “Mix & Match” of service, dedication, and heart.

We hope you have an opportunity to visit with us at TL’s Four Seasons Chinese & Japanese Restaurant, where you’ll hopefully find the perfect balance. Thank you for visiting.

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